• We incorporate the sustainable future

  • We incorporate the sustainable future

  • We incorporate the sustainable future

Corporatum Oy is a Finnish development company established in 1990 which together with Nordic Angel Fund Ky wants to be an active owner and advisor of the future game changers. We support fresh and innovative ideas which needs new capital and new connections.

Nordic Angel Fund Ky is a part of the European Angel Fund program and can invest in start-ups and small size companies together with Corporatum Oy and other potential co-investors. We have been investing in digital platforms, HR-business, energy and industrial technologies. ln the future we are especially concentrating in sustainable solutions.

Portfolio revenues over

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Corporatum is actively seeking M&A arrangements and
companies to start partnership with our group companies.
Here are some examples of our investments.



BIURO is the leading staffing agency offering temporary employment and recruitment services in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Germany.


Singa is a modern streaming service that brings over 80,000 songs to be sung on mobile devices, a computer browser and a smart TV.

Meló-Diák Starjobs

Singa is a modern streaming service that Leading HR Services company in Hungary. for student work and blue-collar and white-collar work. With fanchisees ca 50.000 annual placements


GenesInk offers a comprehensive range of conductive and semi-conductive inks for the IoT and printed electronics market. All printing methods are covered with specific formulations ; hassle-free and user-friendly formulations.

KT-Shelter Oy

KT-Shelter is a technology provider of large-scale, robust weather shelters for demanding climates, designed for the requirements of defence, crisis management and industry.

Coolbrook Oy

Coolbrook has patented revolutionary technology for cleaner, more sustainable and profitable way to produce Olefins, the key component in the production of plastics, packaging, textiles, coatings, cosmetics etc.


Aqsens Health has developed a non-invasive method that enables different health disorders and diseases, like cancer, to be screened quickly, accurately and at low-cost. This enables effective, large-scale disease screening and hence for example cancer treatment can be started significantly earlier than currently.

Finno Exergy Oy

Finno Exergy’s innovation is based on using pulsed deflagration combustion compatible with existing technology, which has yielded significant results. The technology team have successfully harnessed concepts prevalent in ICE combustion and applied them to gas turbines. Effectively the technology is able to harness 80% of the benefits without any of the drawbacks associated with pulse detonation.

Nakkila Works

Nakkila Works Oy is a global overall supplier known from its quality and delivery reliability for tanks, mass towers, tank farms and process equipment.

Suomi Teline

We deliver optimally designed scaffolding and weather protection in accordance with safety regulations for industrial, facade, refurbishment and renovation projects, regardless of the size of the project.

With Helmet Capital


CITYWORK GROUP is one of the leading companies on staffleasing business in Finland using innovative digital tools for selected niche areas in HR business.

Mitta Group Oy

MITTA is collecting and processing accurate survey data on land, water and air with the latest modern technologies.


We at Pesmel design and deliver automated material flow solutions in industrial handling, packing, storing and logistics. Our focus is on increasing the overall efficiency of our customers’ operations through the benefits of ensured quality and accuracy of deliveries, improved space efficiency, work safety and shorter turnaround times.


Everything from durable fiberglass - Guaranteed! Victorius Oy is a Northern European reinforced plastics group with a wide range of products, with both in-house and subcontracted products.

Asennusliike Lahtinen

Installation company Lahtinen has a long history as a supplier of distribution station construction solutions. We offer high-quality, sustainable and versatile future solutions to business customers as a turnkey delivery or service.

With Nordic Angel Fund


PCB Droid provides an easy way to design your printed circuit boards for your electronic projects anywhere.


whatimpact helps charities to report how their donations are used, what impact is being made and lets them ask for volunteers, goods, services and funding from the public. We’re levelling the playing field for every charity and bringing their activities into one place.


PayUp developers have more than 20 years of experience in electronic customer service and invoicing services.


We are a digital investment service company. We offer an online platform where retail and institutional investors can invest in unlisted European growth companies seeking funding. We want to modernise investing and make it easily approachable, transparent and fair.

Psyon Games

Psyon Games fuses science and games to change the world for the better. Currently our recipe for meaningful entertainment is bringing a revolution to digital healthcare and awareness services.


Air0 has developed patented smAIRt® technology. It combines the best of the traditional air purification technologies, mechanical and electrical filtration delivering the purest possible indoor air.

Fellow Pay A/S

Fellow Pay A/S has developed SME finance platform to enable SMEs greater financial control trhough innovative financial products and services.


Enersense Group

Resource management company specialising in large scale projects and services in the field of energy, Communication, digital products and industrial platforms. In March2020 Corporatum Sold 49,5% of Enersense shares to MBÅ Invest Oy and reduced the ownership to 22%. In July 2020 Corporatum invested 1M euro on 8M round.  Annual revenues over 200 million Euros. Listed on Helsinki Stock Exchange.


Winda Energy

Winda Power Oy is an experienced Finnish wind farm developer with a track record of 3 major projects sold to international wind power investors in the past 4 years. The company has earned a solid reputation within the wind power industry.



In 1984 we started the world’s first industrial production using atomic layer deposition (ALD). Today we are the most recognized provider of ALD equipment and R&D services. Our mission is to create premium tools for production and for research, and to enable technology mega trends through industrial ALD solutions.



Metacon AB (publ) is an international energy technology company whose business idea is to commercialize small and large energy systems for the production of hydrogen, electricity and heat. Listed on NGM Nordic Stock exchange.


HR You Kft

HR You Kft is a Hungarian software company that has developed job board portals in Hungary and Poland. The product development is utilized also in Enersense’s recruiting.


The Mealplanner

The MealPlanner Technologies Oy is building and incubating nutrition related early stage startups based on its own technologies to support people life with healthy & balanced diet.


Teijo-Talot Oy

We are a company specializing in the development, design and construction of nursing home properties. Our operations are guided by customer needs, expert design work, efficient processes and years of professionalism in care construction.


Advisory Board

Founder, CEO

Aaron Michelin


Corporatum Oy, Corporate Equity Partners Oy  and Nordic Angel Fund

Managing Partner

Zsofia Michelin

Corporatum Oy, Corporate Equity Partners Oy  and Nordic Angel Fund


Sari Jussila


Director, Group Company affairs, Life Sciense specialist

Benjamin Michelin

Senior advisor, Helmet Capital co-operation, co-investor

Sampo Ahonen

Senior Advisor, partner, co-investor

Chris Tornblom

Senior advisor, Life Sciense, Co-investor

Timo Teimonen

Senior advisor, Hungarian Desk, co-investor

Kustan Szabolcs

Senior advisor, co-investor

Mario Pretorius

Legal Advisor, Business transactions

Hannu Rintala

Legal Advisor, EU-affairs and transactions

Kalervo Rötsä

Legal advisor, tax affairs

Henri Steiner


Jali Prihti

Senior Advisor

Alberto Haddad



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